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No tourist ever visited this most remote village in Uzbekistan - KUL

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Hidden in the very remote part of Uzbekistan, at the begining of the Pamir Mountains, 3000m above sea level, very close to the boarder of Tajikistan, you will find a small village named KUL where time stands still. Village is very hard to reach, and even just few domestic people know about it's existance.
Approximately 1300 people live very simple life, without running water and bathroom inside their houses, but with self produced food, milk, meat, vegetables...
They don't drink alcohol nor caffe and don't smoke. Nobody ever dies here from cancer or any other modern disease.
They have no police officer in their village but also no any criminal activities.
They never saw any stranger or any tourist visiting their village, so are very shy and quiet, since they lived in the closed zone untill 2 years ago.
Can you imagine life like this? But the people here are happy - living stressless life with their families and friends and helping each other. This lifestyle is very rare in the modern world.
We were very suprised and pleased with their hospitality, offering and opening their houses for to stay, sleep, and exchange impressions from their and our world.
Definitelly an unique experience!

Travel crew Uzbekistan 2019:
Oybek Mamarajabov
Akram Niyazov
Catherine & Toni Lekic

music by Suraj Nepal (Artlist.io)

video by Toni Lekic Visuals

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