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Mission: Impossible vs. Fast and the Furious - MOVIE FIGHTS (SDCC 2018 Panel)

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What's the best action franchise - Mission: Impossible or Fast and the Furious? We fight it out LIVE FROM COMIC-CON 2018 at our official SDCC Screen Junkies panel! Tournament style with so many special guests, it's one of our favorite fights of the year!!

If you have the ability to donate to help cover the medical costs of Jon Schnepp's time in the hospital please check out and share the link to the Go Fund Me. We really appreciate it!


1. What's the best comic book movie of the decade so far? (Spencer Gilbert vs Clarke Wolfe)
2. What is the better movie? Daredevil or Green Lantern? (Danielle Radford vs Ken Napzok)
3. Better animated series: X-Men or Batman? (Coy Jandreau vs Dan Murrell)
4. Better Franchise: Mission Impossible or Fast and the Furious? (Ed Greer vs Emma Fyffe)


1. What comic book character who has never been in a movie would you most want to see appear in one?
2. What is the greatest movie one-liner?


1. What is the best comic book sequel of all time?

Mission: Impossible vs. Fast and the Furious - MOVIE FIGHTS (SDCC 2018 Panel)

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